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Company news about What are the obvious advantages of insulation nails?

What are the obvious advantages of insulation nails?


Latest company news about What are the obvious advantages of insulation nails?

The polyurethane rigid foam (SPF), which has the dual function of thermal insulation and waterproofing, is also completely different from the polyurethane (PUR) used for refrigerators and refrigerators only for thermal insulation. Although their appearance and structure seem very similar, as an integrated material of building thermal insulation and waterproofing, the polyurethane rigid foam breaks the common defects of traditional building materials, such as single function, non thermal insulation of waterproof, non waterproof of thermal insulation, and loss of thermal insulation function of the thermal insulation layer once the waterproof layer leaks. Compared with other single function thermal insulation or waterproof materials, polyurethane rigid foam has obvious advantages:

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1. The polyurethane rigid foam has the function of one material for multiple purposes, and has many functions such as heat preservation, waterproof, sound insulation, vibration absorption, etc;


2. The thermal insulation performance of the thermal insulation nail is excellent. It is the thermal insulation material with the lowest thermal conductivity (≤ 0.024, green and environment-friendly fluorine free foaming technology) and the highest thermal resistance value among all domestic building materials.


3. The continuous and dense skin of polyurethane rigid foam and the close cell of high-strength interconnection wall close to 100 ‰ have ideal water impermeability. The waterproof and thermal insulation layer is continuously seamless by spraying, forming a seamless roof and an overall external wall thermal insulation shell, with excellent waterproof and impermeability performance;


4. Super self-adhesive property (no intermediate bonding material is required), which is firmly bonded with the roof and exterior wall, and has good wind exposure resistance and negative wind pressure resistance;


5. Overall spraying construction, completely eliminating "hot spot" and "cold bridge";


6. The flexible gradual change technology can effectively prevent the waterproof layer from cracking;


7. Mechanized operation, automatic batching, uniform quality, fast construction and short cycle;


8. Stable chemical property, long service life, and no pollution to the surrounding environment;


9. It is self extinguishing from the open fire, and only chars without dripping during combustion. The size and shape of the charring layer are basically unchanged. The insulation nail can effectively block the entry of air, prevent the spread of fire, and has good fire safety performance.


The performance of polyurethane rigid foam material itself has a significant impact on the use safety, thermal insulation function and waterproof function of buildings, so great attention must be paid to the selection of materials.


The performance of polyurethane rigid foam waterproof and thermal insulation materials used in the construction industry is greatly different from that of polyurethane rigid foam thermal insulation materials used in refrigerators and refrigerators, which is mainly reflected in the four performance indicators of fracture elongation, closed cell rate, size change rate and adhesive strength.

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